“You are not purchasing a pair of shoes,
but your pair of shoes, it’s handmade exclusively and especially for you”

Meet me, Eleonora !

Italian shoe designer and shoemaker based in Barcelona, I create and carefully handcraft unique shoes!

By combining the nicest Italian leathers and the finest shoemaking skills, I’ll be the one who will design and craft the shoes of your dreams!
Finding in nature and music an endless source of inspiration, I’m delighted crafting in my sunny and colourful studio in Barcelona, come, visit me and see how I’ll craft shoes, completely by hand, with good vibes while listening to some jazz!

After a degree in Industrial Design and a Master in Shoemaking, earlier in my professional journey, I’ve been working as shoes designer for big companies for a decade; while those experiences enriched my knowledges about shoe making processes, I felt that the massive, impersonal industrial dimension didn’t match with my own nature. I felt the need of bringing the concept of work to a more human, ethical and sustainable dimension; my wish was to give back to the concept of work its noble meaning.

While crossing that personal change in my life, *ele Handmade Shoes* has born: 
*ele* is not only my nickname, it’s also the extension of my personal story, a passion which coincides with a unique profession, it’s the mirror of my most precious family legacy, it’s especially a dream that is fading into reality.

Like an artistic project, from the beginning to the end, the idea first blossoms in my mind and then magically comes out thru my hands; my creations are timeless, they never goes out of style because they go beyond trends; feminine and extremely comfortable, they make a statement with few simple, yet sophisticated lines.
Mixing and matching textures and finishings is one of my favourite delights, in order to give life to my charming shoes, I selects only the fanciest, softest and most luxurious leathers from the best Italian tanneries.

I enjoys curating the creative step as well as the executive one, I personally craft every single pair in a slow, artisan and passionate way.
The utmost care goes in every detail, completely realized by hand, each pair is created upon request uniquely and specifically for one client, my craftsmanship skills are all dedicate to this unique pair for a unique woman, who will own and enjoy them for long time ahead.

A new pair is ready now, but it isn’t just about creating, there’s much more to come!
 The most gratifying side of my work, is receiving your words of appreciation or pictures of happiness, the circle is complete now!