Ele and sustainability

Join ele on the journey to sustainable fashion!

I can craft a very limited number of shoe each month and all of them are completely handmade by me, Eleonora,  in my studio located in sunny Barcelona: this special and unique feature is the core of Ele Handmade Shoes.
Design, patterning, cutting, sewing, lasting, finishing and distribution is done exclusively in my studio and following high standards of quality and sustainability.

I don´t produce in factories, I don´t have a warehouse, don´t produce industrial pollution, I create almost zero waste and don´t have dead stock: each pair of shoes are created for one and only one customer, so I only craft the shoes that I sell.

All of the beautiful leathers I use come from the best tanneries in Italy: every leather supplier I work with holds certificates assuring high work, quality and sustainability standards.

I work exclusively with one small outsole supplier: I selected this manufacturer not only for the high quality of their products and also because it’s a small company managed by a family which, since decades, carries a distinguished history for both top quality and high standard conditions for their employers.

I do  strongly believe that ethical treatment of workers is as important as environmental impact.

I am deeply committed to slow fashion: transparency and respect for our planet is at the core of my work.

I aim to create beautiful shoes which will give happiness to all of those women who wish to embrace the idea of a more ethical and sustainable fashion.

Thanks for joining me in this respectful journey!