Product Care

Taking some extra attention to the care of your shoes will prolong their life, here are some easy tips to make your footwear last longer.

Cleaning your shoes regularly helps so much, remember to wipe off dust and dirt after wearing them. For suede you can remove dry dirt by gently brushing the surface with a special suede rubber.

We suggest to keep your shoes secured in your closet when outside is raining but, in the case they will get wet, shoes should be dried slowly in a natural environment, we suggest to avoid quick drying as it may damage the leather.

In order to protect your new leather shoes, you may want to consider to treat them so they are better protected against dirt and dust. Smooth and shiny leather should be conditioned with polish while a water repellent spray may be a good choice for suede and dull leather.

Over time, the daily use may darken the leather and give it a personal touch plus a fantastic comfortable fit.

All of our soles are handmade in genuine leather, they all feature a pretty chic peach skin finishing, they will last very long if you will be kind to them.

· About leather ·

We only use the fanciest leathers coming from the best Italian tanneries, manufacturing of these leathers has been realized with hand crafted procedures and not industrial. Because leather is a natural material, it may have slight variations in colour and shade, which is a sign of quality.

Real leather is a natural product: it breathes, it’s warm and it has individual characteristics which are the natural charm and beauty of hide. As a natural product however, it may display traces of the animal’s past life, such as small marks and little differing fiber density. These hallmarks in no way detract from the wearing qualities of leather; they are the signs that discerning owners cherish when buying leather. With the passage of time and normal use, it develops a patina which enhances its natural beauty.

The hides used by our tanneries come from animals that have been raised for the food industry, and whose skin we recycle.

We do not use skins of exotic animals or those of endangered species, all of the exotic leathers used are cow hides, embossed and printed in order to emulate the amazing features of natural exotic skins.

· About Handmade shoes and One-of-a-kind Goods ·

Ele´s shoes are truly and completely handmade, we do our very best on the leathers selection and our aim is to take the most realistic pictures of our product but, keeping in mind that the shoes are made to order and done in an artisan way, please, consider that there could be small differences in between pictures and the shoes you´ll receive: these minor differences are the signs of a all one-of -a-kind, handmade product.

Please, consider that your shoes are done by hand so they don´t feature the same polished finishing of industrial machine-made shoes.